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BIOM is the natural consequence of the confluence of interests and life motivations of its three founding partners.

They came together, united by their concern for the current development model and its consequences on our way of life and on our planet.

In today’s world, many products are created in a way that ruthlessly exploits natural resources and ignores the harm caused by the materials used and the waste they create. It is only the reality of climate change that has pushed us to understand that this path is unsustainable.

This is the context in which Ramón Farré-Escofet, an entrepreneur in architectural development and chair of a family business with 135 years of history, began to share reflections with his friend, the renowned scientist Javier Macía.

Together they tried to work out how to create avenues of innovation to effect changes that needs to be made urgently, concentrating on concrete, viable actions.
These discussions led to the simple idea of searching for organic materials: ones that derive from the living world.

The goal is to use the growth and reproduction processes of life itself as production processes, creating elements by using biological processes, which are far safer and more sustainable than physical and chemical processes.

Their very first conversation in 2013 led to many others, and their goals and ways to achieve them began to evolve and mature. Then in 2017, together with a third founder, Carlos Rodríguez-Caso, a scientist with a PhD in biology, they began the first journey of discovery about photosynthetic microorganisms and binding and adhesive materials.

When they realised that the project was viable, they made the most of the valuable academic and research links of their fellow travellers and the UPF’s interest in the project, and decided that it was time to found a company and in this way, raise private funds and access Spanish and European funding. The company model chosen was that of a spin-off, and it was established at the end of 2019.

BIOM has now gone one step further, expanding its scope of research and setting up its first pilot production plant.



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Javíer Macía PhD
Javíer Macía PhDCTO, Founding Partner
Elaheh Kheirabadi
Elaheh KheirabadiIndustrial Doctorate-Researcher
Dàmaris Lorenzo
Dàmaris LorenzoPhD in Biomedicine-Researcher
Marina Gené
Marina GenéBiomedical Engineering-Research Assistant
Ramón Farré-Escofet
Ramón Farré-EscofetCEO, Founding Partner
Inés Arteaga
Inés Arteaga Partner, COO, Business Development & Marketing
Carlos Rodríguez-Caso, PhD
Carlos Rodríguez-Caso, PhDSCO, Founding Partner


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